Welcome to Saxon Plummer Terriers Website

Established in 2003 by Jan & Steve Smith, we are a very small kennel of plummer terriers, situated between the Wear and Tees valleys on the edge of the North Pennines in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"Saxon Petal" [Wyremead Suzi x Coalville Sony]

Saxon Plummer Terriers

Our main interest is in the working side of the breed, the reason for which plummer terriers were originally developed. This is sadly all too easily forgotten in recent times by those seeking to breed only for show ring recognition. We believe that we must keep the working abilities of these dogs alive if plummer terriers are to remain true to their breed in the future. Plummer terriers excel as ratting dogs, due to their excellent noses, their speed and agility but they also make good all round hunting dogs, for the very same reason. They usually have a high prey drive and are very "driven" dogs, a reason why we do not think they are usually suitable dogs in a pet only environment. All of our dogs are used in vermin control on sporting estates around the country and several of our pups have been homed in homes where they have been worked to a high standard. . Our dogs are registered with the Working Plummer Terrier Registry (WPTR).

Saxon Plummers on the banks of the River Wear

We take a great pride in our terriers, and endeavour to breed the best that we possibly can, sometimes travelling a long distance to find a suitable sire. We are getting good reports back from owners of our terriers for their ability in the field. We also keep lurchers (deerhound and bearded collie crosses) and regularly work the terriers alongside them.